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Confused? Good! It's the HOSERS/GPF Crossover!
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[[Nick, wearing shorts and a T-shirt, is sitting on the ground, propping himself upwith his left hand and holding his right hand to his forehead. Aric (from Hosers) is squatting by him, wearing some kind of uniform and looking at a device in his left hand that makes a whirring noise. Between the thumb and forefinger of his right hand, he's holding a small, oblong object, pointing in Nick's general direction.]]
Aric: You're just a little winded. You really need to exercise more...
Nick: I knew that doughnut and pizza diet wasn't doing me any good...

Nick: So what exactly _are_ you? The uniform, the funky trinkets... You look like you escaped from a Star Trek convention...
Aric: Er, yeah... Something like that...

[[Nick and Aric are standing. A car with a very blurry outline approaches fast, going VVVVROOOM!]]
Nick: Speaking of which, it looks like your friend is coming back at warp speed...
Aric: Breakig the speed of light again, Lev...?
Nick: Kewl Doppler effect...

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