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Trudy narrates: Trent and I met in college. We were both marketing majors and shared many classes. We soon discovered we had many more things in common...
[[Trent and Trudy in a classroom, smiling. Trent winks at Trudy]]

Trudy narrates: We both had this... APPRECIATION for the sadistic and morbid. We enjoyed our evil pranks so much that we quickly fell deeply in love with each other. It was BLACK MAGIC.
[[A large sharp object impales a male student in his head through his eyeball, as a girl looks on, horrified. Trent and Trudy are laughing in the background.]]
Sharp object: <<KACHINK>>
Male student: <<AACK!>>
Trudy and Trent: Hee! Hee!

Trudy narrates: But it was TOO perfect. Before long, something would happen that would change our lives forever...
[[Trent pushes a button on a remote control, setting off an explosion that sends cars flying.]]
Remote: <<click>>
Bomb: <<KABOOM!>>
Trent and Trudy: Hee hee!

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