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April Fool's!


{{April Fools! The great Internet Comic Swap 2000
April Fool's!!! Holy Multimedia, Batman! Click here to see the hilarious, animated GPC cartoon created by Tony Lower-Basch, creator of the online animated cartoon, "Nosferatu"! (Requires QuickTime, 1.22MB) (Or, for the QuickTime impaired, feel free to download this MPEG of the animation! (5.2MB))}}

[[A parody of the Quake logo appears, and rotates once. The direction of rotation changes so the spike points to the right, forming a serviceable "G". The letters "P F" dissolve into view.]]

[[A traditional FPS environment with varying textures. Brick walls, stone archways, dappled concrete garbage cans(?). Nick sidesteps around the corner into the archway and checks if it's clear. Satisfied, he continues sidestepping
backstepping across the archway and returns to cover on the other side of the archway.]]

[[Close up on the right side of the archway, Fooker's POV. The HUD says that he is looking at Nick, who has 25 kills. Nick peeks out from the side of the archway but is quickly driven back by a barrage of fire from Fooker. Nick survives.]]

[[Nick's POV, looking at Fooker who is partially behind cover, wielding two combat shotguns. Fooker has 47 kills. Failing to locate Nick, he stops shooting and shrugs.]]

{{the next three scenes take place simultaneously}}
[[The alleyway again with the strange garbage cans
barrels. Nick rolls out through the archway, taking minor damage from Fooker's shotgun blasts. He opens up with his submachine gun
chaingun, suppressing Fooker's fire and forcing him to back off into better cover.]]

[[A view of the ammo gauge on Nick's gun, it's at "278" (except the 8 is mangled) and dropping fast to 150.]]

[[A view from the archway, Nick accurately targets Fooker forcing Fooker back into cover.]]

[[The overhead view of the alleyway. Nick presses his advantage, moving forward...]]

[[Apparently unaware that his ammo is rapidly depleting (the ammo gauge goes from 148 to 88)]]

[[A different overhead view. Fooker and Nick jockey for position near the cover, ducking and exchanging fire.]]

[[Nick's ammo gauge drops from 89, sic, to 0, and the gun stops shaking.]]

[[Neither Nick nor Fooker is aware that Nick is empty. Nick rolls into position to deliver what he thinks will be the killing blow; Fooker cowers in the corner.]]

[[Nick, about to get up to finish off Fooker, sees something offscreen and does a doubletake.]]

[[Pan up from the ground to the rooftops to reveal Ki, wielding a BFG-type weapon.]]

[[Fooker, surprised Nick hasn't done him in yet, emerges from cover to find out what's going on. He looks around and just notices Ki.]]

[[Fooker's POV on Ki, the HUD says she has 231 kills, powering up the BFG. A white glow is cast on all surfaces. Ki fires, a huge wave of energy emerges from the gun. Fade to black as Ki's kill count increases to 232 then 233.]]

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