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Ki: Do you want to come in for a minute?
Nick: Nah... better head home...
Ki: Just a sec...
<<ring ring!>>

Ki: Hello?
Fooker on phone: Ki, it's Fooker.
Ki: Fooker? Where ARE you? This connection's terrible.
Fooker on phone: Oh, Mexico.

Fooker on phone: Yeah. Remember that hot chick from the bar? I flew to Mexico with her.
Ki: Then why are you calling ME?
Nick: ?

[[Fooker in a bathtub full of ice, with a "home surgery kit" next to it.]]
Fooker: Well... you happen to know anyone with an extra kidney?
{{Refers to an email urban legend of people being drugged at a bar, and waking up finding out they have lost their kidneys.}}

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