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[[A sphere in a hand, showing young Trudy looking, shellshocked, at the phone she is holding]]
Unknown: This is bad... _Very_ bad...

[[A female face, surrounded by a black bob-cut hairstyle, appears behind the hand]]
Unknown Female: _* WHAT'S *_ so bad, boss?
[[The sphere goes blank]] <<Bink! fizzle>>
Unknown: *AAAACK!*

[[The holder of the sphere is revealed to be a masculine figure in a spandex jester outfit, with the viewer's left side being a black and white checkerboard, the right side being a dark and light horizontal stripe pattern, and the cowl covering the top half of the face with two semi-pigtails lifting up and then dangling down on either side of his head, tipped with jingle bells]]
Unknown: _*MISCHIEF!*_ Why do you have to be so... so...
Mischief: Mischievous?

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