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[[Nick, Ki and Fooker continue to walk through the U.G.A. All of the doors they pass are labelled "door."]]
Fooker: As a secret agent, I've been called upon to save the world on numerous occasions.
Nick: Like when, hot shot?

[[The group stops at an elevator, and Fooker presses the down button]]
Fooker: Oh, the Gulf war, Bosnia, Libya, Oklahoma city, World Trade Center, Milli Vanilli
{{Note that this comic was written before 9
11. It references the previous attack in 1993}}
[[Ki looks confused]]
Ki: Milli Vanilli?!
Fooker: Hey, you don't think that record started skipping on it's own, do ya?

References: Some handy Wikipedia links: Gulf War, Bosnia, Libya (general foreign policy), Oklahoma City, World Trade Center (1993 bombing), Milli Vanilli
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