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[[James Bond Opener: Fooker stands in the foreground wearing a tuxedo and holding a gun in his right hand, barrel pointing up, elbow braced in his left hand. Collage "shot" of Nick wearing a tuxedo and a confused look, drawn as if he was seen through the barrel of a gun]]
Voice-over theme song: There is a nerd who lives a life of anger... To everyone he meets he keeps getting stranger...

[[Close-up of Fooker; He fires his gun off-field while looking the other way, at the pizza slice he's about to eat.]]
Voice-over theme song (continued): He's letting secrets slip while licking greasy lips. Odds are you won't live to code tomorrow!
Voice off-field (from the general direction Fooker fired his gun at): AIEEE!

[[Fooker is back to his pose in the first panel, except turned about 30 degrees to his right and with his left hand cradling his right forearm instead of his elbow. Ki is wearing a bikini and a ticked-off look.]]
Voice-over theme song (continued): Secret Agent Geek! Secret Agent Geek! They're givin' you a root password and take away your name!
Ki: I will _not_ swim by naked!

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