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[[Fooker, Ki, and Nick are standing on a balcony overlooking a crowded Middle Eastern city.]]
Narrator: _For those who came in late_: Nick and Ki have found themselves forced to aid Fooker, who is really a secret agent...
Fooker: Ah, Istanbul!
Nick: Fooker...

[[Close-up of Fooker, Ki, and Nick. Fooker is wearing a white dress shirt with the sleeves pulled up to his elbows; Ki is wearing a cocktail dress and Nick is wearing a gray business suit and tie. A huge hand is reaching for Ki from off-field to the right.]]
Nick: Why are we _here_? The dossier said Moldfinger was in Italy...
Fooker: I know, but all secret agent tales start out or end up in Istanbul.

[[The owner of the aforementioned hand has now grabbed Ki from behind and is pinning her from behind and covering her mouth with one hand. He's shaven-skulled, bulging with muscle, swarthy, and grinning. Fooker and Nick are still looking ahead, oblivious to what is going on next to them.]]
Fooker [[hands on hips]]: Besides, I've been _Hungary_ for some _Turkey_ lately...
Nick [[glares at Fooker]]: Oh, _very_ funny...
Ki [[wide-eyed]]: MRF!

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