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[[Ki, Nick and Fooker are standing in a doorway at the top of a set of stairs that lead down into a cave system. There is a torch burning on the wall.]]
Ki: It looks like we found Moldfinger's lair!
Fooker: Thats the easy part, Ki. There's lots more we have to do.

[[The three are running down the stairs deeper into the cave as Fooker explains what they have to do]]
Fooker: We must uncover his sinister plot. We must face his vile minions. We must make small talk before he tries to kill us. Then, we defeat him and put him in jail.

[[At the bottom of the stairs they encounter three ninja French maids with nunchakas]]
Fooker: Of course we must make it past his bloodthirsty female ninja French maids first...
Bloodthirsty female ninja French maids: Ooo la la

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