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[[Fooker, frowning, Ki & Nick are talking to Sean Connery]]
Fooker : As part of your super villain code, you are required to reveal your diabolical plot before trying to kill us, Moldfinger.
Sean : But of course.

[[Fooker, Ki, Nick and Sean are shown in sillhoutte whilst Sean gestures to a huge sign listing his films. These include, THUNDERBALL, ENTRAPMENT, THE ROCK, FIRST KNIGHT, GOLDFINGER, RISING SUN and MEDICINE MAN]]
Sean : I have place subliminal messagers in all my films. Especially my old "James Bond" movies. They will brainwash the populace into accepting me as their unconditional ruler. In theaters, on video, TV...EVERYONE will follow me.

[[Back to a close up on the four, Sean looks nonchalant with hands in pockets. Nick and Fooker look angry and Ki is just awestruck]]
Fooker : Positively wicked.
Sean : Fortunately, Ted Turner has done much of the work for me....

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