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[Comic for Friday, August 25, 2000]


[[Ki, Fooker and Nick are together, tied up. Moldfinger
Sean Connery is looking down at them from a catwalk.]]
Moldfinger: Since the secrecy of this lair has been compromised, I will have to destroy it. Of course, you and all of Rome will be destroyed in the process...
Fooker: What about the sharks?

[[Fooker is looking annoyed, as Moldfinger walks away on the catwalk.]]
Moldfinger: But that is of little consequence. I will establish a new base of operations, you will be dead, and I'll live on happily ever after.
Fooker: Uh, the sharks, Moldfinger...?

[[Moldfinger is now speaking 'off panel'. Fooker and Nick are now both looking annoyed.]]
Moldfinger: You have ten minutes left to live. I suggest you make peace with whatever gods you serve...
Fooker: I wanted to be devoured by sharks.

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