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Editor's Note: Unfortunately, the small text in the first panel of today's strip didn't seem to come out as well as I planned, but there's not much I can do to fix it. It's a computer voice-over, saying "Self-Destruct initiated. Five minutes remaining..." While this text isn't very readable on the computer screen, it will be crisp and clear when this strip appears in the second book.

[Comic for Monday, August 28, 2000]


Narrator: _For those who came in late_: Nick, Ki, and Fooker are bound in Modfinger's abandoned lair, which is about to explode!
[[Ki, Fooker and Nick are tied together, sitting]]
Ki: I think my wrists are small enough to work free..
Nick: Hurry, Ki!

[[Ki stands up, a rope dangling from her left wrist]]
Ki: I did it! I'm loose!
Fooker: Hurry, Ki! There's no time! Run and save yourself!

Ki: And leave behind the man I love? I don't think so!
[[Ki kisses Nick]]
Fooker: Well, if you MUST save me, we ought to save Nick too...

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