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[[Ki and Nick are in a car park. They are in Halloween costumes; Nick is Dr Who (Tom Baker version) and Ki is Catwoman. They are standing by a sign that reads "COMMUNITY HALLOWEEN PARTY"]]
KI : Okay, Dr. What. This looks like the place.
NICK : That's Doctor WHO.
KI : Whatever.

[[Trudy appears dressed as a witch, complete with pointy hat and long hooked nose. She is not pleased to see them.]]
NICK : And look who beat us here...
KI : You know, Trudy, that costume is SO appropriate...

[[Trudy bears down on Ki with an evil grin and Nick looks like he's trying to make a getaway]]
TRUDY : Here, kitty, kitty... Want to play with this poisoned ball of yarn?
NICK : I think I'll retire to the Tardis now...

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