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[Comic for Saturday, October 28, 2000]


[[Nick is talking to Dwayne and Nicole inside the Halloween party, there are balloons in the background. Dwayne is dressed as Caesar and Nicole as Cleopatra]]
DWAYNE : Hi, Nick! Glad you could make it! Who are you supposed to be?
NICK : I'm the Doctor.
NICOLE : A Doctor?

[[The three are shown in sillhoutte]]
NICK : Not A Doctor, THE Doctor.
NICOLE : Doctor Who?
NICK : Exactly.
NICK : What?

[[Nick looks frustrated.Nicole is talking into Dwayne's ear]]
NICOLE {whispering} : Dwayne, I think he's scaring me...
NICK : Make fun of me, eh? Just see if I give you any jellybabies...

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