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[[Nicole and Dwayne are talking in their home. Nicole has her hand on Dwayne's cheek]]
NICOLE : So THAT'S what this is all about. You've done all this so I would not have to because I'm pregnant.
DWAYNE : Looks like I've been caught.

[[Nicole throws her arms round Dwayne's neck and the two smooch]]
DWAYNE : I love you Nicole, and I love the fact we're going to be parents. That's our child you're carrying, and I want everything to be perfect.
NICOLE : Honey, that's so sweet...

[[Nicole turns to run off, Dwayne is still holding her hand]]
NICOLE : ...But I REALLY have to got to the bathroom...
DWAYNE : THAT you'll have to do yourself, but I WILL flush for you....

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