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[[Ki is sitting in a chair, head in hands, sobbing. Nick is leaning over her, still angry and with Mr Pookel in one hand]]
NICK : I figured things out mostly from the "Star Wars" date where "Pookel" stood me up. And I've been waiting since then for you to tell me. Then came that "Pookel Test" you pulled in July.
KI : Moan...

[[Close up of Nick holding out Mr Pookel]]
NICK : At first, I was hurt and insulted. But I decided I'd give you time to reveal yourself. But you didn't. You left me hanging for months, and THIS is how you planned on doing it?

[[Ki is now looking up at Nick, hands open and a pleading look on her face]]
KI : But I didn't leave Mr. Pookel here! TRUDY did!
NICK : This isn't helping your case, Ki...

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