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[[Nick's place. Fooker has Nick's old yearbook, Ki looks on eagerly from the couch. Nick looks alarmed.]]
Ki: Nick's old college yearbook?
Nick: I forgot to put it away. Here, I'll just---
Fooker: Are you KIDDING?!

[[Fooker sits on the couch. Ki looks over with him at the yearbook]]
Fooker: I wanna see what you were like as a little geeklet.
Nick: No, you DON'T. It's not interesting...

[[Fooker and Ki look up at Nick.]]
Fooker: Oh, you better believe I want to...
Ki: That goes double for me...
[[Nick puts a hand over his face and turns away]]
Nick (wearily): Why don't you two just shoot me...?

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