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[[Nick's Place. Fooker and Nick are on the couch, Ki is laying acroos Nick's lap. All of them are looking at Nick's yearbook in Fooker's lap.]]
Fooker: Whoa! Here's a signing from a Mindy Sizemore. "Dear Nick, I'm going to miss you after graduation. Is it too late for me to tell you I always wanted to rip your clothes off and---"

[[Fooker and Ki look VERY shocked, Nick blushes profusely]]
<<Ki and Fooker: !>>

[[Nick is still blushing a little. Ki is looking up at him now, and Fooker is staring down at the book with his tongue out, sweating and wide-eyed]]
Nick: She wrote that the day before she moved to Africa to study diseases in rhinoceroses.
Fooker: Gee... This is pretty graphic. Did your mom ever read this?

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