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[[Nick's Place. Nick, Ki, and Fooker are on the couch. Ki is in Nick's lap, and Fooker is reading from Nick's yearbook]]
Fooker: Here's another one, from Wendy Bullock. "Dear Nick, I don't know how I met a sweet, wonderful guy like you. You've been a real treasure."

[[Close up on Fooker reading.]]
Fooker (still reading): "Your help and advice was always appreciated. I would never have been here today if it weren't for your kindness. I wish I could repay you, but how could it measure up to you? Take care, and stay in touch. All my love, Wendy."

[[Nick and Kii look at each other]]
Nick: She was my study partner in calculus one. Purely platonic.
Fooker: I'll say! "P.S. Thanks for the fabulous back rubs!"

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