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[[Nick's Place. Nick, Ki, and Fooker are on the couch. Ki is in Nick's lap, and Fooker is reading Nick's yearbook. Everyone looks at the book]]
Fooker: There sure are a lot of women who signed your yearbook, Nick. You must have been some sort of Casanova.
Nick: Not hardly.

[[Close up on Nick and Ki. Ki is now looking at Nick]]
Nick: I had a lot of female friends, but none wanted to date me. I think they saw me as a "safe guy," who was more interested in who they were than what thier bra size was.

Ki: Well, they'll never know what they're missing...
[[Ki kisses Nick]]
[[Fooker looks at them, a little annoyed]]
Fooker: Hey, now! No foreplay in front of company!

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