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[[Nick's Place. Nick, Ki, and Fooker are sitting on the couch. Fooker and Ki are both looking at Nick.]]
Ki: Fooker and I both went to State, about 30 minutes north of here.
Fooker: Ki came in as a freshman in year two of my senior "year."

[[Closeup on Ki and Fooker, who are now looking at each other.]]
Ki: He was the most obnoxious, rude, crude, obscene moron I'd ever met.
Fooker: She was the most stuck up, pretentious little snob I ever lusted after.

[[Fooker and Ki turn back to Nick, grinning]]
Nick: I take it you two didn't get along...?
Ki: Hated his guts...
Fooker: Duct-tape her mouth shut and she was okay...

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