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[[Flashback to Ki's college days. Ki, with long hair and a backpack, happily strolls the campus as present day Ki narrates]]
Present Ki (Narrating): "I was excited about college. All my friends thought I was nuts to go into computers, but I knew where my talents were, and I couldn't wait to learn more."

[[Flashback Ki is still happily strolling around an interior part of the campus. A couple of slightly nerdy-looking guys are checking her out]]
Present Ki (Narrating): " I had a great roomate, my schedule was perfect, and all the cute guys were looking my way. There wasn't a thing in the world that could go wrong..."

[[Flashback Ki stops in front of "Computer Accounts" , where Flashback Fooker is manning the window.]]
Present Ki (Narrating): "Until I needed to apply for my Unix account..."
Flashback Ki: <<!>>
Flashback Fooker: Hey there, sexy lady! What can I do you for?

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