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{ Fooker is reminiscing about college }
[[Fooker is standing with backpack on and cigarette in mouth. Ki has her back to him with an unimpressed look on her face]]
CAPTION : Needless to say, Ki wouldn't have anything to do with me after that. Try as I might she ignored me.
FOOKER : Er... Hi...
KI : Hmph.

[[Fooker, Ki & Nick on the couch - Fooker in the foreground with head resting on hand]]
FOOKER : To tell the truth, I didn't really blame her. I was a mess back then. Arrogant, rude... I smoked a lot and fell in with the wrong crowd.

[[Fooker in the college bar downing cans of beer as fast as possible being egged on by two other students]]
CAPTION : And I had a problem. A really BIG problem..

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