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{ Fooker is reminiscing about college }
[[Fooker is sitting at a desk with books and papers and is drinking a beer]]
CAPTION : I drank beer like water. I started back in high school, and by the time I hit college I couldn't finish a day without one. I was a real mess.

[[Fooker is looking at a piece of paper. The only legible word is PROBATION]]
CAPTION : It ruined my relationship with my parents, and my brother still won't talk to me. My grades went down the toilet, and I was put on academic probation. I even lost all my student loans.

[[A drunk Fooker is outside the SU bar, can in hand. He has silly muffs on his ears and an angry Ki storms past him. She is wearing a Santa hat]]
CAPTION : Somehow, it had little obvious effect on my love life...
FOOKER : Hey there, hot shtufft...

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