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[[Fred is studying the monitor. Fooker pokes into the room.]]
Fred: Fooker, what's this really big file you're downloading?
Fooker: Big file? That should just be e-mail...

[[Fooker comes over to the monitor, is mildly annoyed, Fred turns in the direction of Fooker]]
Fooker: Ah, man... I hate it when people send me huge attachments. It's rude, it wastes bandwidth...

[[Fooker is shocked, pointing at the screen, Fred turns back to the monitor]]
Fooker: Oooooh...

[[Fooker hunches over, fully intent on the screen]]
Fooker: ...and sometimes it's realy nifty source code...
Monitor: ndways_src.tgz
Fred: Source code to what?
{{Part of the Help Desk crossover. Ubersoft v. GPF software. The trial of the century...or maybe just next week}}

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