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{{Ubersoft V. GPF Software crossover}}

[[In courtroom. Fooker is on the witness stand.]]

Narrator: Deliberation continues:
Da Judge: Please continue, Mr. Barker. . .
Fooker: Yes sir. Your Honor-ship.

Fooker: So my old pal Phil sends me the code, and I discover the "set bugs" flag. I recompile it, then accidentally send it to the mailing list instead of someone else. . .

Fooker: [[stands]] I object!
Da Judge: I told you before, you can't object to your own testimony.

Fooker: [[sheepish]] Oh, yeah. What was the question again?
Da Judge: [[Holds head in hands]] This court will have an hour recess. . .
Gavel: <<Bap!>>

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