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[[Dwayne, Fooker, Nick, and Trudy are at the courthouse. Dwayne looks especially glum.]]
{{Tagline: In the "green room"...}}
Dwayne: I can't believe this is happening! Fooker, can you explain yourself?
Fooker: Sorry, Chief. I couldn't help it.

[[ Dwayne looks at Fooker angrily. Trudy looks off to the side, surprised, and an exclamation point appears over her head. ]]
Dwayne: Why would you send that code to anyone?
Fooker: It was an accident. I meant to send it to a friend, and must have hit the mailing list instead.

[[Dwayne sits with his hand on his forehead. Trudy walks out of the room,; the others do not notice.]]
Dwayne: You should have deleted it in the first place...
Nick: The damage is done, Dwayne. Now all we can do is tell the truth.

[[Alex and Phil enter through the same doorway by which Trudy just left. Phil looks in her direction.]]
Dwayne: I'd rather have handed him over to them when I had the chance...
Fooker: Hey, we're getting free publicity! That's better than none, right?
Phil, softly: Oooh, baby..

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