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[[ Nick and Alex are in the foreground. Alex is wearing glasses with one red lens and one green lens. In the background, in all four panels, Fooker and Phil are fighting. ]]

Nick: Um... I'm Nick, with GPF. I'm a programmer.
Alex: Alex, from Ubersoft. Tech support.
[[ Fooker chokes Phil. ]]

Nick: Nice vest.
[[ Alex looks down at his vest. ]]
Alex: It's standard issue.
Nick: Ah.
[[ Phil grabs Fooker's face, dislodging his glasses. ]]

Alex: So... You guys get sued often?
Nick: First time.
Alex: Heh. Not me. Almost got sued a couple of weeks ago...
[[ Phil kick's Fooker's face. Both Fooker's and Phil's glasses fly off their faces. ]]

Nick: Aren't those glasses hard to see out of?
[[Alex points to his glasses.]]
Alex: Special prescription.
Nick: I see.
[[ Fooker and Phil appear to have fallen to the floor. Their legs and feet can be seen kicking and flailing. ]]

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