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[[The Boss of Ubersoft confronts the eversmiling Trudy. His floating letters of fire are present as usual.]]
Ubersoft Boss: YOU deleted the evidence from Barker's hard drive...!
Trudy: I can't help it if he plugs his computer into the same circuit as my microwave...

[[A close-up on the Boss's eyes? Sunglasses?]]
Ubersoft Boss: NEVER has anyone thwarted my corporate and legal juggernaut with such ease! Our carefully collected evidence, Barker's admited guilt... In one simple move! Your arrogance and audacity infuriates me beyond mortal comprehension!

[[Trudy begins to walk away. The fiery letters briefly spell out "Please?"]]
Ubersoft Boss: Marry me.
Trudy: For the last time, NO.
{{This comic is part of a crossover with Help Desk. Ubersoft v. GPF Software
The trial of the century...or maybe just next week.}}

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