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[[Wisebottom's lab, Nick, Ki and Wisebottom are in the foreground, Fooker is running around in the background with a VR helmet on his head]]
Nick: Can you disconnect Fooker from the VR fractal explorer?
Wisebottom: No! The shock might fry his brain!
Fooker: Ahhhhhhhhh!!

[[Closeup of Ki, Wisebottom and Nick]]
Ki: Can't you change the fractal algorithm?
Wisebottom: It's locked itself in! I can't change it!
Fooker: Ahhhhhhhhh

[[Ki, Wisebottom and Nick in the foreground, Nick has 2 VR helmets in his hand and is looking determined, Fooker is still running around in the background]]
Nick: Then there's only one thing to do...
Fooker: Ahhhhhhhhh!!!
Narrator: To be continued!!!

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