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[[Fooker, Fred and Ki on couch in background; Nick in foreground]]
Nick: I'll give you that she's a little weird and a bit too forward, but I really don't think she's "evil".
Fooker: Are you BLIND?!
Ki: [[Wide-eyed]]

Fooker: The way she torments us, and tried to keep you and Ki apart...
Ki: She deliberately tried to sabotage us with "Mr. Pookel" ...

Nick: [[fists on hips]] Look, I've heard all these arguments before, but I still haven't seen any evidence. She might be jealous of Ki and I, but not to the point of sabotage.

Nick: [[looming over Ki]] Next thing you know, you'll be blaming her for "Nerdvana"...
Fooker: Can't prove it, but now that you mention it...

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