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[[Chuck outside, looking through binoculars, talking to Trudy through an ear-bud microphone]]
Chuck: Are you getting all this, Trudy?
Trudy: [[through microphone]] Hmm... I'll have to be even more careful with Nick now...

Trudy: [[through microphone]] Not that it matters. I'll complete the next step of my plan soon. Ki will be out of the picture not long after that.
Chuck: I... I don't know about this.

Trudy: [[through microphone]] You're not becoming all moral on me, are you, Chuck?
Chuck: [[hand to head, in pain, whispers]] Ngh... No...

[[Now we see Trudy, dressed up, somewhere crowded, talking into a walkie-talkie]]
Trudy: Good. Now leave before you're seen. I've got work to do.

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