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[[Dr Nefarious speaks to an auditorium, Trudy is in the foreground]]
Dr Nefarious: We've invited each of you here because you are the vilest, most despicable of your lot. Only the worst of the worst make it this far.

[[Extreme close up of Dr Nefarious]]
Dr Nefarious: Over the next few days, you will be subjected to a series of tests and challenges to determine the depths of your villainy. He, she, or it that completes them all will be eligible to join us.

[[Looking over Dr Nefarious' shoulder at cheering audience]]
Dr Nefarious: Of these remaining, vigilant few, one will be chosen. Who will it be? Only time will tell! So put on your evil caps, boys and girls. It's time... to... get... WICKED!
<<Clap clap clap Hoaray! Cheer! Yeah! Clap clap clap clap>>

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