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[[A referee is sitting at a table, Ralph from Melonpool is applying while the Head Alien from It's Walky stands nearby]]
Narrator: The C.R.U.D.E. eliminations quickly begin. . .
Refereee: No Aliens.
Ralph: BAH!

[[Still at the referee's table, Ralph is replaced by Ubersoft's boss in his shadowy cloak, followed by the fiery "Boss" letters is and Evil Baughb from Elf Life in a smart business suit.]]
Referee: No supernatural beings.
Evil Baughb: Who you calling "supernatural"?

[[PC from Funny Farm and Bobby from Superosity now apply at the table]]
Referee: No sentient machines or children.
Bobby: Feh.

[[Saddam Hussein and Muammar Kadaffi apply at the table]]
Referee: And I thought you guys were permanently banned. . .
Saddam: Pooh.

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