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[[Nick, Ki and Fooker at Wacky Burger...]]
Nick [[thinking to himself]]: Oh, boy... A Wacky burger deluxe, add bacon and no lettuce!

[[As Nick takes his first bite, the burger falls apart.]] <<Chomp>> <<Sploop!>>

[[His shirt smeared with burger and ketchup, he expresses dismay and annoyance:]]
Nick: I can't believe it! That's the fourth time I've been here that my bun has fallen apart and made a huge mess!

Nick: Can't they see the bun is more structurally sound if it's flipped with the large part down? The bottom is too flimsy to support the weight of its contents. I'm going to file a complaint!

[[Nick leaves the table.]]
Ki: Should we do something to stop him?
Fooker: Nah. It's more fun watching him explain the physics of burgers to the 16-year-old manager...
Ki: Bring me a cookie!

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