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[[Against a background of many heads, Trudy and her companion for the evening, Gav, are watching disqualified candidates going by.
This panel shows's Pitr character leaving, offended]]
Narrator: Steadily, the competition narrows to but a few...
Pitr: Am thinkink this contest is beink rigged...

[['s BunBun (a small bunny) is hopping by in a big swoop]]
Bun-bun: Bah. This shindig's a bigger waste of time than Nerd-boy.

[[Muammar Kadaffi in a dress, chesthair showing and Saddam Hussein, losing a fake mustache-glasses combo, are marching out]]
Off-scene: I thought I told you two to get out!
Kadaffi: I think they're on to us, Saddam!
Saddam: Shaddap!

Mr. Gav and Trudy are locked in an evil stare-off, the referee standing behind mr. Gav]]
Mr. Gav: Looks like it's going to be just between us two, Trudy...
Referee: About your application, Mr. Gav...
Trudy (thinking to herself): Don't bet on it.

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