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[[Dr. Not, Moldfinger, Nefarious, and Trudy standing and talking]]
Nefarious: C.R.U.D.E. was founded several years ago to fix a fatal flaw most supervillans have in their plans: covering all possible scenarios.

[[Trudy and Nefarious facing each other, back of Dr. Not and Moldfinger's head
Nefarious: By combining our resources we can more efficiently achieve our common goal: world domination. This is always the hardest step; all following steps are merely administrative.

[[Trudy talking to Nefarious, Dr. Not and Moldfinger look on with distaste]]
Trudy: So we join forces to achieve the goal, then we duke it out amongst ourselves to see who finally reigns supreme?
Dr. Not: She's quick.
Moldfinger: So it appears

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