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Intervention: An Absurd Notions / GPF Crossover

[Comic for Wednesday, June 13, 2001]


{{Part of the Intervention story arc; an Absurd Notions
General Protection Fault crossover.}}
Fooker: Bj?rn? Bj?rn Jensen? Hey, I'm Jason Barker, aka "Fooker"!
Bj?orn: Ah, the infamous Fooker! At last we meet offline!

Bj?orn: I haven't had time to respond to your post on comp.os.linux.networking...
Fooker: No sweat. We'll talk later. These are my buds, Nick and Ki.

Fooker: 'Scuse me, but I heard they were going to have Tux the Penguin burn Bill Gates in effigy on aisle 3G...
Bj?orn: He wastes no time, does he?

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