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Intervention: An Absurd Notions / GPF Crossover

[Comic for Monday, June 18, 2001]


Bjorn Jensen: Thanks for coming, everyone. Most of you here tonight to address a tendency to "OS elitism..."
Fooker: I'm here for the pizza...

Bjorn: Nick, why don't you start off by talking about your friend Fooker?
Nick: Uh, okay.

Nick: Fooker is a great friend, and i admire his knowledge and skills, but i recently watched him destroy a beautiful relationship because of his stubborn "UNIX superiority" complex.
Fooker: Hey!

Fooker: Thats not fair, Nick!
Nick: What? That I tell the truth, or that you needlessly hurt Sharon?
Fooker: The fruit-lover had it coming!

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