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Intervention: An Absurd Notions / GPF Crossover

[Comic for Wednesday, June 20, 2001]


Fooker: I have to agree with this Warwick guy. We have to do anything we can to stop the MS empire, and Linux is the best positioned to deliver.
Warren: That's _Warren_, but I concur.

Fooker: Apple's been fighting Gates for years, and have they made a difference? Not really. And Warsaw's friend over there, with his own OS? I don't think so. United we stand, divided we're fragged.
Warren: _WARREN_.

Fooker: We will not--nay, _cannot_--back down from our position! Not for money, not for pizza, no, not even for the love of a smart, beautiful woman!
Warren: Hold on. Are we talking really smart _and_ really beautiful?

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