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[[Dwayne, Trudy, Ki, and Fooker in the GPF building]]
Ki: How'd the Murphy meeting go? You two don't look very triumphant...
Dwayne: We're not, because it didn't. We lost the account to another vendor.

Dwayne: But it's nothing to worry about. We have plenty of business, and you guys have plenty of work to do.
Fooker: You said that the last two clients we lost.
[[Ki and Trudy whisper in the background]]
Ki: Bet it's all your fault...
Trudy: Har, har.

Dwayne: This momentary setback is only just that. Absolutely nothing should hold back our positive attitude!
Nick (walking in, holding the phone): Dwayne, Nicole says the police are evacuating your neighborhood...

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