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[[After the storm: Trudy's (home?) office]]

Speakerphone: GPF and Dwayne Duncan teeter on financial ruin, Nick and Ki are strained by your duplicity, and Fooker is an emotional wreck.

Speakerphone: You've done well for yourself, Trudy...
Trudy: Fate dealt me a lucky hand with this storm.
Speakerphone: Fate and luck had nothing to do with it.

Trudy: Do you mean _you_ had a hand in this?
Speakerphone: Not exactly. I can't control the weather (yet), but let's say I'm very good at predicting it...

Speakerphone: The pawns are in place and the trap is nearly set. Your time is coming, Trudy. Very, very soon...
{{Behind Trudy and the phone, the shadow of a man with a funny hat and glowing eyes looms large}}

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