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[[collage of several inventions - wheel, steam locomotive, telescope, light bulb - and presumably some of their inventors. In the center is a strand of stylized DNA, presumably the inventor's gene]]
Prof. Wisebottom: {{off-field}} For millennia, the Inventor's Gene has been responsible for guiding man through his greatest innovations...

[[Younger Wisebottom, his tie loosened, holds a test tube and looks at it intently. Some more laboratory glassware and part of a microscope are visible. A shelf in a display case holds what a skull (or maybe a mummified head), amid shapes that may be books.]]
Prof. Wisebottom: {{off-field}} Long ago, I isolated this gene and discovered its properties. Its presence has been found in several of our family's ancestors...

[[Family tree with heads instead of names. Wisebottom's and Nick's head are both highlighted, and Wisebottom's head appears to be looking at Nick's.]]
Prof. Wisebottom: {{off-field}} Ordinarily, it only surfaces every five generations in our family, but I thought the genetic mix was right to activate the gene in you, Nick!

[[Wisebottom hugs Nick, while Ki looks on in surprise and or confusion]]
Nick: You mean, I'm going to become a nutcase mad scientist like YOU?
Prof. Wisebottom: With any luck, you'll be even NUTTIER!
Nick: Oh, boy...

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