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Fooker: Okay,k calm down. There's a logical explanation. I wouldn't jump in the sack with you, no matter *how* drunk I was.
Trudy: You would have three years ago.

Fooker: Yeah, but I didn't *know* you then. I know *better* now.
Trudy: This isn't either of our apartments. Our first priority is to find clothes.

Fooker: No clothes on the floor... There's a closet over there. Go check it out...
Trudy: And parade in front of you naked? I think *not*!

Fooker: Well, I'm not exposing "Mr. Ubergeek" to the concubine of Satan...
Trudy: Don't you mean "Mr. *Micro*geek?"
Fooker: Like *you* would know...
Trudy: That a pebble in your pocket?

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