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[Comic for Tuesday, October 16, 2001]


[[Inside the GPF office]]
Nick: Something different? Sure. What did you have in mind?
Ki: I don't know... something we don't do every weekend...
[[Fooker rushes past]]

[[Dwayne's office. Dwayne is asleep at his desk; Nicole is standing over him angrily, holding Sydney. Nick and Ki stand in the doorway looking puzzled.]]
Nicole: Dwayne! Wake up! I said you need to watch Sydney today! Oh, good grief...

Ki: Is Dwayne okay, Nicole?
Nicole: Yes...we're just both exhausted. I need to return to work today, but someone needs to watch Sydney.

Nick: We'll watch her 'til Dwayne wakes up...
Nicole: You sure you won't leave her alone and defenseless in a crisis?
Nick: Um...?
[[Nicole hands Sharon to Ki.]]

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