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[[Fooker and Fred sit at Fooker's desk at GPF]]
Fred: I didn't sleep on the alarm clock; YOU slept right through it.
Fooker: Shh, forget it. You hide... Here comes Trudy...

Trudy: Oh, Fooky...
Fooker: Do NOT call me "Fooky".
Trudy: My aren't WE touchy today...
Fooker: [[Thinking]] I'll touch YOU in a minute...

Fooker: You're obscenely cheerful. Did you run over a cat on your way to work today?
Trudy: No, but everything is going my way today!

Trudy: By the way, the 'Net seems bogged down this morning...
Fooker: That's because someone's trying to ping-flood our gateway!

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