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[Comic for Monday, October 22, 2001]


Fred: Bah. With the web down, I can't do my research. Does Dwayne have an encyclopedia?
Fooker: Huh? Wha-? Oh. Check the library.

Fooker: Lessee... classic DDoS, all right. It looks like a couple hundred zombies are ping-flooding us major. If I can filter enough TCP
IP packets...

Fooker: Bingo! Well, looky here... each packet contains the code telling the zombies who to attack. Sloppy. Boot up the wireless and see if I can get a clear path.

Fooker: Ah, here we go... If I can isolate the zombie code, I can find and track our culprit. And since I know where they're coming from, it ought to be a piece of cake...

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