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Fooker: Sweet Linus Torvalds! I finally found a copy of the zombie trojan (in Trudy's inbox, no less) and this thing is a real monster!

Fooker: But with this, I can isolate exactly how it works and find the source...
[[Trudy pokes her head into Fooker's work station.]]
Trudy: Oh, Fooky...?

Fooker: Do NOT call me that.
Trudy: Where's the toolbox?
Fooker: Black cabinet, second shelf.
Trudy: Thanks!

Fooker: Even if I WASN'T hip deep in problems, I DON'T think I'd want to know why...
Dwayne [[who's voice is heard off-panel, coming from his office]]: WHO STAPLED MY TIE TO MY DESK?!

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