General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[[head shot of Gamester on left, Mischief forward and right of him]]
Mischief: So this is it... the beginning of the end.
Gamester: How morbidly philosophical of you, Mischief. Most unlike you.

[[View of Gamester and Mischief from behind (Gamester on right, Mischief left) with Mischief looking right towards Gamester. both are standing infront of a large glowing semi-sphere.]]
Mischief: So... when does it start?
Gamester: Not long... a mere twenty years into their future...

[[Top edge of of the glowing semi-sphere is visable just under the narrative text at the top. Visible inside the sphere is a city-scape. The view consists of (moving from left to right) a large, inverted triangle shaped robot with a long arm ending in a claw like hand a top a building in the foreground, a tall spire like building with a large sphere in the middle, two tall rectangular tower buildings withe the left broken and leaning on the right, a smaller building with an airplane crashed into it, a tower whose top is broken and jagged, two building in the background and the top of one building in the foreground.]]
Narration {{Gamester}}: "To understand the past,you must start by looking foreward and beyond..."

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