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General Protection Fault: Surreptitious Machinations

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[Comic for Saturday, November 17, 2001]


{{Part of the Surreptitious Machinations story arc.}}
Prof. Wisebottom: It is only a matter of time before the Seekers and Bots find us. Time is of the essence.

Prof. Wisebottom: Do you remember all I taught you, Todd?
Todd: Yes, sir. And it's all memorized. No evidence if I am caught.

Prof. Wisebottom: Good. We will only have one chance, so failure is not an option. Most likely, you will never return.

[[We are treated to a view of the time machine. It looks very much like the one from the H. G. Wells "Time Machine" movie.]]
Todd: If I succeed, sir, I shouldn't have to.

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